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The Intranet is back on the map

The efficiency of an organisation hinges on the way in which employees work together. But how do you encourage people to collaborate? Business chat apps (‘collaboration apps’) are being promoted heavily, but on an underlying level, these apps always need a central corporate information system. Enter the Intranet.

More than ever, organisations are looking for new, efficient ways stimulate collaboration between employees. Collaboration increases productivity and causes people to enjoy work more. By sharing information with each other quickly and efficiently, we could scratch an important potential cause of frustration at work off the list. For example: many organisations struggle to manage their excessive e-mail traffic, which leads to slower external and internal communication. Sometimes, by the time an e-mail gets answered, the response is no longer even relevant.

A lot has been written about this problem, but coming up with a solution seems to be as complicated as searching for the Holy Grail. Applications such as Microsoft Teams take some stress off your mailbox, but we don’t expect e-mail to become any less essential in the near future.

Intranet for internal communication

A useful tool to communicate more efficiently is the good old Intranet - with a modern twist. Many still view the Intranet as just a digital message board. A dynamic Intranet offers a platform for interaction at work and could replace a lot of internal e-mail traffic.

Brewery AB InBev is an excellent example of this. They decided to breathe new life into their Intranet in 2018 and contracted us to implement Valo, a ready-to-use Intranet solution based on Office 365 and SharePoint. Mission #1: improving productivity. “We used to e-mail the same questions and answers back and forth constantly. That’s a thing of the past. Our employees can now look up all information in the fora on the new Intranet”, says Jonathan Orroi, Enterprise Architect Workplace and Collaboration at AB InBev.

Got questions? Visit the Intranet first

An Intranet solution’s success hinges on its usage: do the employees at AB InBev make a habit of visiting the Intranet on a daily basis and look up answers to internal questions? Orroi confirms: “We’re trying to teach our employees to check whether their question has been answered on the forum first. This means we no longer need to answer questions over and over, and we’re saving a lot of time because we no longer bombard each other with e-mails.”

An Intranet should serve as a repository where employees can find and share information. This leads to more interaction, fewer unnecessary e-mails and increased productivity. Suddenly, a good old Intranet solution sounds even more useful.

Do you want to find out how we could handle your Intranet projects as Valo’s trusted partner? Subscribe for our Valo Seminar on Thursday, June 6th and discover everything about our offer, our projects and our approach.

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