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How do you monitor your Wi-Fi with the Aruba Service Assurance Sensor?

Happy of frustrated Wi-FI users, it all depends on how fast you can speed up problem detection and troubleshooting. Well, say hi to the Aruba Service Assurance Sensor, a cloud based sensor that has the ability to test both internal and external applications from a user perspective. This cape sensor continuously tests the connectivity performance in your office and gives alerts before the users detects the issue. Ready to get started?

How can I simulate user and client experiences?

1. What about the cloud based dashboard? 

The cloud based dashboard offers:

  • Cloud-Based Analytics
  • Cellular connectivity for onboarding
  • Extensive test suite for Wi-Fi, LAN, DHCP, DNS, authentication, captive portals, cloud applications, and internal applications
  • Customizable alerts and integration with email, SMS, and Slack
  • Scales to any number of sensors

2. What about WI-FI testing? 

Monitor you’re Wi-Fi SSID from the user side.

  • Availability
  • Signal Strength
  • Channel Utilization
  • The received Bitrate

You can configure thresholds for reporting and alerting: 

3. What about testing Custom Services? 

You can create your own service tests: 

  • Target
  • HTTP
  • ICMP Ping
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Validate SSL Certificate

4. What about VoIP MOS testing (Internal/External services)? 

MOS- Mean Option Score For VoIP is expressed as a single rational number, typically in the range 1–5, where 1 is lowest perceived quality, and 5 is the highest perceived quality.

5. What about reporting? 

You can receive alerts for your configured thresholds and weekly reports by e-mail: 

Do you want to know more about our infrastructure offer?

Don’t hesitate to visit our website.

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