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Spectacular rise

You’ve probably already heard of Zoom: it’s the ultimate online solution for meetings, webinars and trainings. If you’re considering adopting Zoom in your organisation, you’re not the only one.

Did you know that Zoom’s success has exploded during these unusual times? The software’s 10 million daily active users in December 2019 have multiplied to 200 million daily active users in March 2020!

This spectacular rise in popularity has happened in professional environments as well as private home use. Due to this extra activity, the software has drawn a lot of attention on the market, which caused Zoom to be scrutinised publicly about their privacy and security policy in the last few days.

Zoom founder and CEO Eric S. Yuan published a heartfelt and fitting reaction to this in the following public post: A Message to Our Users.

This message assures you that Zoom does apply the necessary security, privacy and compliance measures, and explains that it’s important for you to configure the available platform settings correctly.

Some of the biggest (security) companies in the world, such as AB InBev, HSBC Bank, HP, VMware, Trend Micro, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks, have analysed Zoom’s software in-depth and placed their trust in it by using it worldwide.

Still, Zoom makes it a top priority to take further actions that will ensure the best, most secure user experience for IT support users and private users alike.

The CEO’s message already sums up some of these measures, and Zoom has announced that they’ll spend the next 90 days focusing on optimising the platform further and having external security experts analyse it thoroughly.

The following article is an interesting read about that last point: three independent security experts discuss their assessment of the Zoom solutions. “Zoom is not malware. Zoom is safe to use for both you personally and businesses, but you should read through on how to best protect yourself and your company”.

Optimal user experience

As an official Zoom partner, we at Xylos want to support you, our customer, as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you’re using Zoom’s solutions in a professional, safe way.

To this end, we’ve listed some tips to make your user experience as safe and smooth as possible:

The information website https://support.zoom.us can help you configure the settings listed above.

Do you need help setting up the abovementioned configurations? Remember that you can always count on Xylos for advice, technical implementations and support.

Quick Start package


To assist you quickly, we’ve assembled a ‘Quick Start package’ that helps you get started with your secure online collaboration and conferencing solution quickly and efficiently. This helpful package is built on our extensive expertise in UC-as-a-Service, security, application deployment, governance and Change & Adoption.

Shortly put, Xylos gladly supports you through these trying times and helps you implement technology in a professional, safe way!

PS: visit our information channel at https://virtueelsamenwerken.be for more helpful information and inspiration.

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