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Zoomtopia Stories: what to expect from Zoom’s video communications?

Earlier this year we were very proud to announce our new partnership with Zoom Video Communications. This week, we will travel to their annual partner and user conference Zoomtopia in San Jose, California. This event gives users and partners a firsthand look at the current state of their Unified Communiations platform. Curious? We’ll keep you up-to-date this week in our blog series Zoomtopia Stories.

What’s Zoom’s core business?

Zoom really pushes the boundaries for Video Communciations in terms of:

  • Solution Offering: including extremely rich functionalities for meetings, webinars, room scheduling and digital signage.

  • Guaranteed Quality: by delivering a world-class datacenter architecture supplemented with the newest compression techniques optimized for modern communications on any type of device and at any location.
  • The best user experience: Zoom provides a clear and simple user interface with big colored buttons (just as the child-proof “Fisher Price” interface) to make Video Communications CEO-proof.

What can you expect from Zoomtopia?

And the best of all, our joint success with Zoom is only getting started! After our very succesful Xylos event “Building the Ultimate Meeting Experience” on October 8th, Xylos will be joining Zoom this week at their Zoomtopia partner & user conference, near to their HQ in San Jose (California, US).


And Zoomtopia 2019 promises to be an -out of this world- experience. You can expect:

  • World-renowned speakers as Sir Richard Branson (Founder of the Virgin Group),  Zachary Quinto (Actor & Producer, ‘Spock’ from Star Trek), Mike Massimino (Former NASA Astronaut) and of course the Zoom Senior Leadership;
  • Must-see innovative workshops on Zoom and many technology integrations with Microsoft, Google and Facebook;
  • Product announcements of Zoom and their partner eco-system solutions from Poly, Logitech, Yealink, Avocor;
  • Hands-on demos with Zoom experts;
  • Very special musical artists like Snoop Dogg & Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Can’t get enough?

Follow our blog posts and social media updates and don’t miss a second of Zoomtopia 2019! Also definitely take a look at our Intelligent Communications offering.

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