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Zoomtopia Stories Day 1: totally beating the expectations

This morning (Tuesday October 16), Zoomtopia 2019 officially kicked-off and it was already the opening keynote that lightened up the galaxy. Let’s take a look at the key takeaways from day one.

Zachary Quinto (famous actor & producer, known from American Horror Story, Star Trek (Spock) and Heroes) declared himself as Zoom Mission Commander and self-proclaimed Zoom fan.

Watch the opening of Zoomtopia

Finally Zack handed over the show to Eric S. Yuan (founder and CEO of Zoom) and his senior leadership team, who made no less than 28 (!) announcements within 90 minutes.

I want to summarize on the 5 most exciting announcements to remember

1. Zoom as your Cloud Video PBX solution

On one hand our industry has experience the evolution from Audio Conferencing to Web Conferencing (including video & content) and nowadays Cloud-based Conferencing (including live streams).

And on the other hand this same industry experienced in a parallel track the evolution from a traditional PBX (phone system) to the IP-PBX and nowadays the Cloud-based IP-PBX.

As a pioneer in the market, Zoom is now unifying Video + Telephony in their 100% Cloud-based solution, delivering the Zoom Cloud Video PBX including complete functionalities for

  • Video Meetings & Webinars
  • Telephony
  • Chat & files collaboration
  • App Marketplace
  • Zoom Rooms (room VC solutions, room scheduling & digital signage)

2. Introducing the first Appliance-based Zoom Rooms, together with Poly(com)

Together with Eric S. Yuan, Joe Burton (CEO of Poly) joined the stage to present in world premier the new Poly Studio X series. This new all-in-one ‘video bars’ are based completely on Poly hardware and powered with native Zoom Room software. And together with the new Poly TC8 touch panel (which will act as a native Zoom Room controller) those new Poly solutions are the first Appliance-based Zoom Rooms in market today!

Sneak peak!

3. Zoom meetings with Video Virtual Background and Powerpoint Virtual Background

Have you ever experienced the Zoom Virtual Background option?  No?? You’re really missing something marvelous.

With the Zoom Virtual Background option you could replace your background (e.g. home office, coffee bar, …) with a virtual background based on a customized static picture, like for example following example shows:

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds are already available for many year, first only with ‘green screen’ but since one year even without this need.

Today, Zoom has announced that they will enhance the Virtual Background experience by delivering the possibility to use Video Backgrounds, where you can see the waves of the sea and the wind going through the palm trees.

And they even go one step further, with Immersive Powerpoint Share via Virtual Backgrounds functionality, where the presenter can be part of the powerpoint presentation!

Seeing is really believing, so please sit back and be blown away by the this demo.

4. Zoom’s deep integration with Microsoft

As Microsoft is owning the desktop at many of our customers, Zoom is adapting on this existing experience and integrates world class Video Communications with the Microsoft Office Suite including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Onedrive, Outlook and more.

Already available today is the Zoom Meetings tab embedded into Microsoft Teams.

And next to the Outlook desktop scheduling option for Zoom Meetings, which is also available already, very soon it will be possible to schedule Zoom Meetings on Outlook mobile as well.

5. Seamless Call Flip across different devices using Voice & Video

Have you ever willing to seamlessly flip your call from one device to another? Now, with Zoom you can moving your call between your IP deskphone, desktop or mobile application or even your video conference room, simply by putting the call on hold and resuming it from the other device.

So that was it for today at #Zoomtopia19, it’s time for me to take a taxi back to the hotel and prepare for another exciting day tomorrow!

Want to know more about Zoom’s solutions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts. They tell you everything about Zoom Video Communications.

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Bart Kerkhof

Nice blog Kristof. It seems Zoom & Poly will capture many hearts. Also available on Poly’s Groupseries 7500 by the way

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