Febelco goes for efficiency and user-friendliness with internal e-platform iConnect

Xylos actively leads the project so that it doesn’t stagnate.

Xylos actively leads the project by paying close attention to deadlines
Internal communications platform iConnect improves company spirit
iCons and iQ simplify contract and quality management

The pharmaceutical company Febelco teamed up with Xylos to create iConnect, their internal digital toolbox. It’s designed to make employees’ lives easier by making everything available at the click of a button. Febelco developed the platform to further improve its operational procedures, and Xylos assisted them from A to Z with help and advice. With their expertise, Febelco was able to make the right decisions and save on costs.

Work becomes easy with iConnect

Febelco and Xylos developed two modules within iConnect to boost the company’s operational procedures: iCons and iQ. The former is a brand-new contract management and archiving system, the latter simplifies quality management. “For the development of these two applications, we consulted Xylos to determine how we could become more efficient and reduce our costs. iCons and iQ are both large steps in the digitization process of our administration", explains An Van Assel.

iCons streamlines contract management

Febelco now stores all of its contracts in one place: iCons. Documents are scanned in one central place and then sorted into sections per contract type. Each document is also tagged, so they can be looked up in no time. An Van Assel: “Thanks to the different environments, we have more control over who has access to our contracts. Not everyone is able to view everything. For example, the sales team has access to client contracts, but not to supplier contracts."

Following up on contracts has become a breeze, An adds: “If a contract is about to expire, iCons will send a notification to the person in charge of it, who will then be able to take action. Thanks to the connection with our ERP package, we can also add extra information quickly.”

  • 1200 employees will be using iConnect
  • 8 branch offices will gain more insight into each other’s quality data
  • 2 modules boost the company’s operational procedures

The right quality documentation at the right time, thanks to iQ

Febelco’s quality management system gets a makeover with iQ. A map of Belgium shows users the eight branch offices. When they click one of the offices, they see the quality documents related to that office - from organisational charts, job descriptions and certificates to KPIs and company objectives.

iQ collects all data in one place. Whenever someone needs a certificate or an organisational chart, they’ll effortlessly find it in iQ. Here, too, everything is divided into several sections. But the module does more than just make documents available: “We’ve integrated several approval procedures into iQ. The persons responsible can electronically validate different documents”, explains An Van Assel. “This helps us comply with all the necessary laws and regulations, like those of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP).”

A smooth collaboration

Febelco has successfully worked with Xylos in the past, but still decided to organise an invitation to tender for their new internal e-platform. “Xylos competed for the contract and we were convinced by their offer”, says An Van Assel.

Xylos supported Febelco excellently, the marketing manager adds. “They developed a tailor-made offer to suit the needs of our business and they’re actively leading the project, so that it doesn’t stagnate. They also pay close attention to deadlines and constantly keep us updated about their progress. We’ve organised a few workshops, which brought some issues to light that we hadn’t thought of earlier. For example: what about multilingualism in iConnect? Xylos helped us decide which content we should translate. Thanks to their expertise, we’re making the right choices and reducing our costs.”

"With iConnect, we want to bring our employees closer to each other and improve our company spirit."

An Van Assel, Marketing & Communications Manager, Febelco