Migrate to Office 365? This is how we do it!

Phase 1


Migrating to Office 365 isn’t a decision you make lightly. Xylos takes the time to introduce all the possibilities in Office 365 to you. 

  • Is your company ready? Xylos analyses your business needs, compares your current Microsoft licences to Office 365 and sets up a pilot project.
  • And your IT structure? We’ll analyse it thoroughly, so that we know how to prepare your business for migration.

Phase 2

User adoption

What about user adoption? We think your organisation and employees are all that matters. In addition to a strong focus on communicating about the changes (through teasers, e-mailing...), we’ll develop a training plan focused on the user advantages of Office 365.

Phase 3

Your identity

Our goal is to optimise ease of use for you. After a look at your existing Active Directory infrastructure, we’ll determine whether or not single sign-on access to Office 365 is the right solution for your business.

Phase 4

E-mail integration

There are 2 ways to migrate your e-mail: 

  • Exchange migration

Don’t want to use third party solutions? No problem. Xylos will migrate your e-mail from your on-site Exchange to Exchange Online via your existing or partially adapted Exchange environment.

  • Non-Exchange migration

Are you working with Lotus Notes or another e-mail platform? We’ve got you covered! 

Phase 5

Implementation of Office 365 Pro Plus 

Which deployment method do you want to use? On-premises with your own tools or through the Office 365 online service? We’ll determine what’s best for your company together! We take care to execute the transition as seamlessly as possible, so that the new Office runs perfectly alongside older versions.

Phase 6

Communication and collaboration

Good communication and collaboration go hand in hand. But how can you improve that? With SharePoint and Skype for Business. 

  • SharePoint helps your employees collaborate online smoothly. If you already have an existing SharePoint environment, our SharePoint consultants will walk you through the possible options: SharePoint Online, SharePoint on-premises or a hybrid solution. With OneDrive for Business, you can even add an extra dimension.
  • Skype for Business is Microsoft’s platform for instant messaging, calling, online meetings and video conferencing. Xylos helps you install and configure Skype for Business.

Xylos helps you from A to Z. 

Xylos doesn’t just guide you through the complete migration; with the right support, we also make sure the transition from your existing environment to the new one happens seamlessly! 

Implementing professional IT solutions is one thing. What’s even more important is making sure your employees and customers use the available technology and the possibilities of your IT infrastructure. 


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