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How to build the ultimate meeting experience?

Kristof Maes

Your workplace is changing at a blistering speed. We notice this every day when we need to meet easily and comprehensively with our colleagues, partners and customers. But which ingredients do you need to properly prepare a successful meeting?

Skype for Business Online retires in 2021. What do you need to know?

Kristof Maes

On Tuesday 30 July 2019, Microsoft (finally) announced the official retirement date for Skype for Business Online service in Office 365, which will be 31 July 2021. What do you need to know? 

All you need to know about the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Kristof Maes

On Wednesday April 17, Microsoft and Steelcase launched the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S solutions at the ‘New Work, New Rules’ event in New York City. Let's take a look at the technological details, the price and the product roadmap. 

How do I optimise my dialogue management? 3 keys for Anywhere365

Kristof Maes

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of dialogue management. But how do you manage questions and calls efficiently? It’s not likely that a custom-made solution will randomly fall into your lap. Fortunately, we do have one for you. Let’s dive into Anywhere365 and discover the 3 keys to stellar customer service.

We are ready for Microsoft Teams Intelligent Communications

Kristof Maes

We are ready for 2019, and for Microsoft Teams Intelligent Communications! Let's dive into our offering. 

Kristof in Las Vegas: the Microsoft Inspire diary

Kristof Maes

“We are excited to announce this new incentive to join us for a fantastic and exclusive experience. Microsoft Inspire is the event where the world meets to transform business.” Read everything about our 7-day adventure in my travel blog.

Licensing for Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Voice

Kristof Maes

Following my blog post last week concerning deployment types, I will now further explain the three user registration types and their licensing options. 

Deployment types of Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Voice

Kristof Maes

Skype for Business deployment & release Microsoft Calling plans Belgium On November 1st 2017, Microsoft Calling Plans became generally available for Belgium (and Germany). That means that Microsoft can now deliver Belgian telephone numbers to users within Office 365 Skype for Business Online (and soon in Microsoft Teams too). When you get as excited as us on this new evolution, you might start pl…

Anywhere365: interaction tailored to your customer

Kristof Maes

We already gave several fine examples of self-service applications in our series about intelligent bots. But what are the options if you want to integrate human interaction at some point? We recommend a combination of Skype for Business (or Lync) with Anywhere365 as contact center software. Anywhere365 helps you manage all your customer interactions, whether you are using chat, audio, video or e…

Microsoft’s Vision on Intelligent Communications

Kristof Maes

The roadmap of Microsoft Teams released About one month ago, from the first rows of Microsoft Ignite, we informed you of Microsoft’s new Vision on Intelligent Communications and the evolution from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams as the primary client for communication and collaboration in Office 365. Read our previous blog post. This week we got some more insights on the roadmap of…