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Say goodbye to tape backups with Veeam Cloud Connect

Fire is one of the worst possible nightmares for managers: with your on-site data storage destroyed, your company’s fate depends on the tapes you’ve stored off-site. But how old are the data on those tapes? Did you even store the correct tapes off-site? What if your tapes are corrupted? Fortunately, there’s also a more reliable solution.

1. What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

With Veeam Backup & Replication, you can expand your backup infrastructure with cloud storage next to your existing on-site storage. The cloud storage space can be set up as the target location for your backup jobs. With the Veeam solution, you’ll no longer need tapes as a backup medium:

  • Tape handling is a thing of the past;
  • You no longer need a specialised company to pick up and store your tapes;
  • You don’t risk losing the tapes or having them end up in the wrong hands;
  • You don’t risk human errors as the tapes are transported to your off-site storage location;
  • You can back up your data off-site several times per week. This reduces your recovery point objective (RPO).

If disaster should strike, you can effortlessly recover your data through Veeam: just download it from the cloud and use it to restore your local data.

2. What are the advantages?

  • You no longer need to invest in a tape library and you pay per VM and per gigabyte. This makes the solution extremely scalable;
  • Low project costs. You don’t need to set up any complex configurations, such as an IPSec tunnel;
  • Xylos takes care of the configuration, invoicing and is your point of contact, during as well as after the project;
  • You continue to monitor your backups via your existing backup solution and the trusted Veeam console;
  • You can upload your data initially by exporting it to a portable hard drive. This will increase your upload speed considerably.

3. Is Veeam Cloud Connect safe?

Of course!

  • Veeam Cloud Connect is ISO 27001:2013 certified for data security. This is an international quality label awarded after an extensive external Security Management audit;
  • Veeam Cloud Connect sends all your data end-to-end through a secured HTTPS connection (AES 256-bit);
  • Veeam Cloud Connect lets you encrypt your backups. Because you’re the only one who has the encryption key, only you can read your data;
  • Your data stay in Belgium.

4. What do you need for Veeam Cloud Connect?

  • You’ll need an internet connection with sufficient available upload capacity or the possibility to increase it. The required bandwidth depends on the frequency with which you create backups and the amount of altered data. Xylos helps you accurately estimate the bandwidth you’ll need;
  • You won’t need a Veeam Enterprise Plus licence – you can use Veeam Cloud Connect with a Standard or Enterprise licence.

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