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Customized work in the cloud? Two tips to get you started

All companies are unique - and so are their IT infrastructures. Many companies who manage an on-premises data centre adapt their virtual servers to their specific needs and expectations. When the decision is made to move to the cloud, this may raise questions: how do we migrate our unique structure to the cloud as smoothly as possible?

Avoid migrating customized structures to the online environment

Your current adaptations were made to fit your own servers, but when you move to cloud computing, you’ll most likely find that the server configuration of your cloud provider is completely different. This may make it hard to move your customizations exactly as they are. For example, a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) that worked perfectly on-premises could start smothering you with queries between your server and your device when you move it to an online environment. As a result, the application could take ten to fifteen seconds to load.

If you want to avoid situations like this one, it would be a good idea to closely examine your customizations before you migrate to the cloud. Tick off the elements you really need and those you can update to a more modern version. How do you do that? By taking mobile devices into account and implementing new techniques, such as progressive loading.

Rebuild custom work online

The more custom applications you’re running on your server, the bigger the challenge when it comes to moving your on-premises environment to the cloud. These customizations of the standard server are the reason why many companies are hesitant to perform a ‘big bang’ migration - not just because of the amount of adaptations, but also because they might not work as expected (or even stop working entirely) in the cloud.  You’ll need to check how each piece of customization will perform in the new online environment.

But moving to a new online environment doesn’t automatically mean a loss of functionalities. It’s just better not to migrate your current customizations – it’s safer to rebuild them with the options available in the cloud instead. This may sound like a load of extra work, but it’s easier and faster than trying to adapt your software and hardware to migrate customizations. Modernising your structures will not only eliminate performance problems, but also allow you to set up a cloud that caters perfectly to the needs of your company.


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