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Disrupt HR – the rebellious future of HR

As an IT company, we value innovation in all its aspects. Our HR team constantly strives to be at the cutting edge of the HR business, which is why Annelies & Tanja went to DisruptHR at Wagenoord to get inspired by experts in the field of Human Resources.

Getting inspired

DisruptHR is a community that offers information exchange designed to shake things up, challenge executives, business/community leaders and HR to think differently and move our collective thinking forward when it comes to talent and organizations.

It’s based on the belief that the way we’ve handled people and talent in the past won’t be the best way to go about it in the future.

Let’s shake things up

How does it work? 10 speakers get 5 minutes each, with slides rotating every 15 seconds. Each of these passionate speakers, some of whom were well-known people, had a lot to teach us – but they had to make it quick.

The essence of the event

The most inspiring take-home messages were:

  • Stop thinking in boxes. ‘Inclusion starts with I’ – Bart Somers.
  • Happiness leads to sustainable performance. Boring tasks will be outsourced to robots, so the workplace will become more of a social environment. We should ask ourselves three questions: what am I good at, what do I love to do and what does my organization need? This new strategy will lead to happiness and will ensure sustainable performance.
  • We should embrace change, even though we aren’t programmed to do so. ‘We don’t want our employees to do the most, we want them to do their best’ – Hans De Meyer.
  • Look for passion and attitude rather than skills on a resume. Hire for attitude, train for skills: that’s our motto at Xylos.
  • ‘People are our most important asset’ – Saskia Van Uffelen.
  • Get in touch with influencers and let them share relevant information about your company, not just commercial drivel.

Lessons learned?

Nowadays, HR is becoming more and more of a game-changer in the business world. We’re at a turning point where the traditional, familiar strategies for recruiting, employee relations and retention are becoming outdated.

In this context, the point of these thought-provoking presentations was to help us come up with new ideas. We’ve learned that we’re on the right track: we’ve already embraced and implemented many of the points that were discussed during the event. Still, as HR keeps evolving, we’re motivated to keep changing and innovating to prepare for the road ahead.

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