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HP FlexFabric: FCoE with FC native storage

FC0E is the new Fiber!!! A few years ago the only fast and reliable storage communication protocol was Fiberchannel. New players on the market never really made it to the big leagues, up until now. 

An embedded FC protocol over IP is the obvious next step after iSCSI, but up until now you would face the needs to re-invest in your Storage and SAN switching equipment. HP came up with a solution: HP Flexfabric, the third generation of Virtual Connect C-class blade interconnect solutions allows for a normal FC signal coming from your existing FC switches, to be translated in-box to FCoE.  

The advantages are obvious: you can use your onboard NIC cards (10 gig native on all G7 proliant systems) to emulate a FC card. So your onboard NIC's act both as Network and Storage adapters…  

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