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Striving for an autonomous data centre with HPE InfoSight

Do you want to manage your IT infrastructure effortlessly? At HPE Discover in Madrid, Hewlett-Packard introduced the newest generation of its cloud-based portal: HPE InfoSight. The portal is controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables it to predict and prevent problems.

Until recently, HPE InfoSight was available on HPE Nimble and 3PAR Storage Arrays and it had cross-stack analytics for VMware. Now, it has been expanded to the HPE servers.

Why does HPE InfoSight use machine learning?

Traditional tools are no longer sufficient:

  1. You don’t learn from someone else’s mistakes: by analysing and checking millions of data points worldwide, information about problems detected in other businesses can be used to prevent these problems in your environment.
  2. The analysis isn’t broad enough: application problems could occur anywhere in the infrastructure. That’s why analysis tools exist for every part of your infrastructure. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to combine these layers to gain insight into the full story.

Most IT admins operate reactively when they encounter an unexpected problem in the underlying infrastructure layer. Unfortunately, problems could occur 24/7 and their impact can be critical, so it’s important to solve them immediately. And it doesn’t get easier. Today’s challenges are more significant because of the increasing number of applications using the same underlying infrastructure layer within a company.

HPE InfoSight was developed based on the idea that infrastructure management urgently needs to evolve. Instead of just operating reactively when unexpected problems occur, we need to be able to anticipate them. That’s why AI makes the infrastructure layer smarter without any human intervention.

Machine learning helps you detect problems in any layer of your IT infrastructure quicker. If a performance problem should occur in an application, you could easily link it to the corresponding infrastructure. But in many cases, this isn’t even necessary, because AI lets you predict problems beforehand.

How can HPE InfoSight help me optimise my environment?

With HPE InfoSight, you strive for an autonomous data centre. The solution won’t just help you spot future problems, it also gives you dynamic, smart recommendations to proactively optmise any environment. HPE InfoSight bases its suggestions on experience and vast amounts of knowledge. It can also support your company by preventing problems, monitoring performance proactively and optimising existing resources.

What do I need to start using HPE InfoSight?

Want to get started with HPE InfoSight today? If you’ve got an HPE Nimble or 3PAR storage array with a valid support contract, you can do so immediately. If you want to use HPE Servers in InfoSight, you’ll need the iLO Amplifier Pack.

At Xylos, we’ll gladly help you connect your existing infrastructure with HPE InfoSight. We’ll look at the current challenges in your infrastructure management and determine which optimisations we can implement. Contact one of our experts for more insights into your infrastructure.

Be sure to check out our solutions on our website.

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