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Intelligent bots in a customer and marketing-oriented environment

In a business-to-customer environment, you can provide customers with superlative assistance using chatbots:

  • They can be a customer-friendly alternative to the traditional multi-click menu structures of websites or apps.
  • You can answer customers’ questions - even outside of office hours - and link automatic actions to the answers without the need for human intervention.
  • You can provide the right call-to-actions based on the visitor's feedback.

You could also integrate the use of a bot into websites or apps, in order to:

  • Place or change orders;
  • Book a hotel;
  • Make an appointment (e.g. hospital, garage);
  • Submit an accident claim to the insurance company;
  • Provide real-time waiting times and predict potential delays;
  • FAQs;
  • Interactive manuals;
  • Connect to the right person;
  • Request the status of a support ticket.

Customer-oriented applications: a practical example

There are various apps that allow you to do your shopping online or save shopping lists. But, you could take that a step further. A “sommelier bot” would be able to update dishes, and, to complement these, suggest a suitable wine. The bot can be based on the wines the supermarket offers, or the ingredients of your dish, your preferences and the price range. You could even link visual ideas and spoken instructions.

This blog post is part of the series 'Intelligent bots'. Next week we'll have a look at how you can use bots efficiently in a business context.

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