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Last year, I placed an online order at around 23h00. After pressing the ‘Complete order’ button, I suddenly realized I had selected the wrong colour smart watch. So there it is… it's 23h00 and you think: “Now what?”

I was already resigned to the familiar scenario: receiving the wrong product, creating and printing the return label, taking the package back to the courier and ordering the correct product. But then I received my confirmation email with the link ‘Click here with any queries about your order’. The link took me to a chat session where I could enter my order number and I realised straight away that a chatbot was generating the answers.

Despite thinking ‘here we go’ I decided to give it a try and entered ‘ordered wrong colour’. To my surprise, the bot replied: “What colour do you want?” I was given a visual illustration of the product and its four different colours. This time I selected the correct colour, and, a few seconds later, I received two emails. One with a message stating that my current order had been cancelled, the other with a confirmation of my new order. There was no need for a refund or for additional payment.

Since then, I have been a devout fan of intelligent bots.

A broad range of applications

Why not use this technology for:

  • Customer and marketing-oriented applications;
  • Business and administrative environments;
  • Industrial plants

Keep following us. In the coming weeks, we will be looking in greater detail at the above applications and associated examples.


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