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How to use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a platform that lets you build, deliver and scale apps in your containers faster and more efficiently. Do you want to start working with it? In his blog series about Kubernetes, Cloud Consultant Christof Van Geendertaelen teaches you how to easily implement a complex Kubernetes application. With his tips and tricks, you’re off to a flying start!

Blog 1: How do you set up Kubernetes 3-node PHP?

Do you want to improve your Kubernetes knowledge? According to Christof, it’s best to start with a project that’s easy to tackle: a PHP page divided into three nodes. He uses an nginx ingress controller to manage network traffic.

Read more about Kubernetes 3-node PHP.

Blog 2: Understand your Kubernetes resources

As get into the swing of using Kubernetes, you’ll become familiar with aliases for kubectl and short names for different resource types. Can you keep up with this information? Christof shows you how to stay on top of things with a graphic demonstration.

Read more about understanding your Kubernetes resources.

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