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The Microsoft MPV Summit: 5 questions & answers

Each year, Microsoft presents a number of technology experts with a “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) Award at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond. Our partner awards this title to people who love to share their knowledge and passion for technology with others – and Xylos’ Solutions Architect Thomas Vochten has received this prestigious title five times so far.

1. What is an MVP?

MVPs don’t just have extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s products and services – they also feel an irresistible urge to learn all they can about new technologies.

2. How do you recognise an MVP?

MVPs are active within their community: they give presentations at events and conferences, they blog or they contribute to open-source initiatives. This way, they keep others informed and get them excited about the latest news in the world of technology.

3. How does Microsoft support MVPs?

Microsoft supports its MVPs in several ways. The company introduces them to the various product teams, so they can influence the quality and future of the company’s products. This happens during monthly meetings – and once a year, Microsoft invites them to its headquarters in Redmond near Seattle to attend the MVP Awards ceremony. You heard it right: MVPs get invited every year. This is Microsoft’s way to challenge them to increase their impact.

4. What is the Microsoft MVP Summit?

The MVP Global Summit brings over 2,000 passionate professionals together, so Microsoft can update them about what the technology company wants to achieve with its products.

5. What makes the Microsoft MVP Summit special?

. Microsoft expects its MVPs to actively think along and give the product teams input to improve their products, or to think strategically about the path they want to take.

Thomas went to Redmond to make sure SharePoint, Office 365 and Teams are headed in the right direction.

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