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How do I optimise my dialogue management? 3 keys for Anywhere365

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of dialogue management. But how do you manage questions and calls efficiently? It’s not likely that a custom-made solution will randomly fall into your lap. Fortunately, we do have one for you. Let’s dive into Anywhere365 and discover the 3 keys to stellar customer service.

Do your customers send you their questions or calls through Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams? Keep one thing in mind: handling and following up on every call properly is crucial to get satisfactory results. We’ll give you a sneak peek of our Anywhere365 solution:

1. Personal dialogue management

The most ideal dialogue management solution is personal contact with your customers. Unfortunately, if your customer service colleagues are overwhelmed with incoming Skype for Business calls, chances of your customer receiving a fast, concise and personal answer are slim. Their question is likely to end up with the wrong person - or maybe it’ll even end up in a voicemail message because your colleagues don’t have time to answer the call.

Have you thought about routing?

Anywhere365 uses routing to eliminate these frustrating situations. The routing system filters incoming calls and forwards them to the correct person automatically, so that the customer’s question isn’t sent back and forth, but immediately gets answered by a knowledgeable person. This ensures a reassuring, professional and personal approach.

2. Machine Learning is the new black

Now that you’ve solved your organisational problem, you might be wondering how to automatically forward calls to the right person. Does a colleague scan your customer’s question first? Does the costomer get a list of coworkers and their job descriptions, so that they can choose which employee they’d like to talk to? No – that’s not the way to go about it.

Have you thought about Machine Learning-based routing?

With Anywhere365, calls are forwarded by a fully automated process using Machine Learning. The software immediately scans incoming webchat calls for the following criteria:

  • The conversation
  • The required skills
  • The available employees

Based on this input, Anywhere365 predicts which colleague would be best suited to answer the customer’s question.

3. Digital user experience: the complete picture

There are countless new digital developments out there. If you use them correctly, you can create the perfect digital user experience for your customers.

Have you thought about a made-to-measure customer journey?

With Anywhere365, user experience is the top priority. Handling incoming calls or questions correctly is only the start of the process; Anywhere365 also enables you to monitor your customer’s journey closely. You can trace their questions, calls and conversations effortlessly with clear visualisations, which allows you to respond to their needs immediately during the customer journey.

Want to know more about our Anywhere365 solution? Download our solution here and contact us for personal advice.

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