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Caro at Rock Werchter: the ideal mini vacation

Summer is officially here. Time to make the most of the festival season! To celebrate, three of my friends and I went to the sacred grounds of Rock Werchter. On Thursday, I rushed from work straight to the little village of Werchter to dump my belongings at a friend’s house. After that, I jumped on my bicycle to race to the festival area.


Even though we had combi tickets for Rock Werchter, we didn’t stay at the campsite. No, we had a much better alternative: a friend’s garage. Her mother took excellent care of us for four days – and on top of that, their house has a swimming pool. You can imagine spending the nights there was almost as much fun as the festival itself. Sleeping in, waking up comfortably, splashing around in the pool - and food with actual nutrients! After a good night’s sleep, we went back to the festival area full of energy every day. Best. Glamping. Ever.

The wheels on the bike go round and round...

If you’ve ever been to Rock Werchter, you probably know from experience that cars aren’t the most ideal means of transportation to reach the festival. Unless you stick around until (well into) the early hours or leave well before the last band finishes their set, you’re in for a long session of jamming. The traffic kind, not the music kind. What would you expect when tens of thousands of people want to leave a tiny countryside village all at once? Our glamping spot was in the neighbouring town of Tremelo, so we could easily visit the festival by bicycle. Hop on, hop off, lock bike, start partying.


On Friday, the Red Devils played their World Cup match against Brazil. So exciting! The entire day was devoted to football. There wasn’t a patch of grass to be seen without some black, yellow and red nearby. We really wanted to watch the already legendary quarter finals, but the placement of the screen foiled our plans. You had to get a spot well on time if you wanted to watch the national game. And by that, I really mean ON TIME. As you’ve probably guessed by now, our notion of ‘on time’ wasn’t as timely as everyone else’s. We thought it would be safe to watch Snow Patrol first, because their set was scheduled to finish before the game would start. After the show, we sauntered off to the area where a giant screen had been installed. But we were out of luck: unless we didn’t mind being crushed by the cheering crowd, we could only see the top half of the screen. We decided to play it safe and just listen to the football commentator and cheer along with the others. And we won!

Enjoying every bit

My favourite bands at the festival were Equal Idiots, Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys, Marshmello, Triggerfinger, Jorja Smith, The Kooks, Queens of the Stone Age and Snow Patrol. They all put up an amazing live show. Of course, we didn’t just enjoy the music – there was plenty of culinary enjoyment to be had as well. Fries, pasta, kebab, hamburgers, nachos, spring rolls: that’s all you need for an exquisitely greasy Werchter experience. We drank plenty of water to stay hydrated and mixed it up with some Hoegaarden Rosée (yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also delicious).

Going home

Suddenly, the last day was over. Time flies. After the traditional fireworks, it was time to go home. My brother had been kind enough to pick up my glamping equipment around noon already, so I could ride my bike straight home after Arctic Monkeys’s show. Getting away from the festival area was an adventure in itself - it’s unexpectedly challenging to make your way through the lurching masses in he streets. Luckily, a police van parted the sea of people, so I decided to join the group of cyclists trailing behind it. I was out of the crowd in no time and ready to continue my way home. Around two o’clock, I arrived. My alarm clock was set for 6 am. Ouch. But it was so worth it.

The festival was the perfect mini vacation.

Personal recommendation: visit a festival (or several) this summer and enjoy! And don’t forget your earplugs (but don’t panic if you do - the friendly people at the info stand will have some for you).

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