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All you need to know about the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

On Wednesday April 17, Microsoft and Steelcase launched the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S solutions at the ‘New Work, New Rules’ event in New York City. Let's take a look at the technological details, the price and the product roadmap. 

New Way of Working 

Work today is fast-paced, competitive, and often disruptive – but at the same time, it’s creative, collaborative and immensely technologically advanced. The technologies that drive these new ways of working are also the technologies that drive us to think about new ways to create workplaces that are more interactive than ever. These new workplaces require adapted rules – rules that aren’t based on structure, hierarchy and procedures, but on the way we want and need to work today. 

When a group of people had the opportunity to ‘hack the workplace’, they came up with the following ideas:

Fix to fluid

The workforce is already shifting from fixed to fluid by working in multiple offices/locations. ‘Hacking the workplace’ also involves adapting workplace furniture & technology to create a more mobile and fluid environment.

ME within WE

Shifting from individual work to teamwork creates challenges when it comes to privacy & concentration zones. Finding the ME in the WE is an important aspect of successful teamwork.

Active Collaboration

Most people associate meeting rooms with experiences they don’t look forward to. Classrooms bring up similar memories of teachers delivering a boring monologue – but this impression changes when the teacher provides interesting content and creates opportunities for the student to engage and create their own work (active learning). By taking this concept and implementing it in the workplace, your meeting rooms will become true collaboration hubs where team members generate new ideas, brainstorm, synthesize, negotiate and persuade. 

Introducing Steelcase Flex Collection.

Steelcase and Microsoft have already worked together on Microsoft Surface Hub v1. When Microsoft decided to make the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 technology more mobile, this aligned perfectly with the Steelcase Flex vision.

What is the Surface Hub 2S? 

“Great businesses don’t run on technology, but on human connections”

Teamwork is the most powerful tool for success. If you combine software, hardware, AI and the cloud through Microsoft, everything comes together in a single simple and seamless experience – which is essential when a team needs to work together and follow a uniform flow.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S brings people together through tech, please meet the new version of Surface Hub.

The product evolved from a static device (Microsoft Surface Hub v1) to a mobile, large-screen collaborative device, which integrates Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with the Steelcase Roam mobile trolley and APC battery.

Some technology details on Microsoft Surface Hub 2S:

  • Paper-thin bezel
  • 9.8 million pixels
  • High-contrast 50.5” display equipped with sensor layer for faster response and tablet-like accuracy & precision (same experience as Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Go, but on a large screen!)
  • State-of-the-art microphone array
  • 4K camera
  • Front-facing speakers and an embedded subwoofer
  • Complete mobility with the elegant Steelcase Flex trolley and the APC battery

If you want to review the full product launch, ending with a first demonstration of the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, please find the full event video here.

Our Xylos Success Approach on Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

As you could probably guess, we’re excited to see the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S solution coming to our market soon. We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year and we’re 100% ready to help our customers get the most out of their Surface Hub experience. Xylos will be right by your side to help you envision, enable and embrace the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S solution.

  • During the Envision phase, our experts will guide you in exploring the use cases for Surface Hub and defining the best (physical) fit for your meeting rooms and/or workplaces.
  • During the Enable phase, we’ll integrate Surface Hub into your physical environment and – even more importantly – we’ll take care of software integration by delivering the full potential of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Intune to streamline the management of Surface Hub 2S.
  • Once the technology is in place, our Embrace phase will support you with made-to-measure user adoption services, driving your users to ‘Act like a Pro’ and enjoy the very best experience.

Curious about all the Surface Hub 2S features? Download our guide!

Or you want to discover Microsoft Surface Hub 2S reservations & pricing details.

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