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If you’re moving (or have moved) to the cloud, you probably already know what Microsoft Azure is. This cloud platform offers a range of integrated cloud services for computing, analysis, data storage, mobile networks and databases. The Azure platform combines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Sofware as a Service (SaaS). Want to know more about the latest Microsoft Azure developments? Our bloggers keep you informed.

Building your Azure Virtual Datacenter: from start to finish

Elise Favere

How do you extend your on-premises datacenter to the public cloud in a secure way? It’s simple: by implementing an Azure Virtual Datacenter. How do you get started with this project? Step by step.

What impact will the GDPR have on your cloud endeavours?

Karim Vaes
Introduction The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR came into force in April 2016. Some people think they are a thorn in the side of cloud providers, but I beg to differ. I regard these regulations as an aid rather than a threat to investment in the cloud. What are the "GDPR" about? In essence, the GDPR define the rules that apply to using and processing personal data of EU residents. …

Is the cloud really better, safer and cheaper?

Kurt Callens
It seems impossible to have a conversation about IT without mentioning the cloud. And quite rightly so, because the cloud offers many advantages. For almost every company, a hybrid customized cloud configuration is an improvement over an on-premises solution. This means that a change is definitely worth considering. However, it isn’t quite that simple, since it brings with it new challenges and …

Get up to speed with the latest tech trends at Techorama

Thomas Vochten
There aren’t many Microsoft-focused technology conferences in Belgium that have such an international appeal and authority as Techorama. Techorama sets the bar on many levels: great content, great speakers, and great experience. Traditionally, the focus of the conference was for developers. But this year they have branched out to IT and SharePoint professionals, which makes it even more interestin…