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Digital transformation 6 blogposts

Technology evolves rapidly. Everything that can be digitized, gets digitized. Keeping up with the latest technological changes can be daunting and raises a lot of questions: how do I stay up to speed? How do I implement digitization in my business? And how do I encourage my end users to embrace these changes? Our bloggers have the answers.

The highlights of your Xylos Inspire flight

Elise Favere

Xylos Inspire 2019 is over. Did you enjoy your trip? Let’s take a moment to look back at the day’s guest speakers and our award-winning transformation projects: the Xylos Inspire Awards.

Yes, we can change: The Digital Coach, your guiding hand for change

During the change project for your Digital Workplace, your colleagues will undoubtedly have some ad hoc questions about Office 365. No worries, Xylos’ Digital Coaches provides a fitting answer. 

Identity and Access Management: discover our solutions

Geert Gijsels

Our IAM team believes a strong and secure identity policy is needed in today's digital world. Ready to discover our solutions? 

And the winner is…

Elise Favere

Xylos Inspire 2018 is over. Did you enjoy the event? Let’s take a moment to look back at a day full of fresh inspiration, innovative insights and award-winning transformation projects at our Xylos Inspire Awards.

The new workplace: Citrix’s mission in a nutshell

Kurt Callens

Offering your end users a consistent work experience anywhere, anytime and on any device is easier said than done. Luckily, our partner Citrix can teach you how to make the right decisions for your company. Without compromising on security, uniformity or productivity, of course.

Xylos Inspire 2017 Recap

Rachel Young

Our annual event this year proved to be a big hit. More than 240 attendees registered for the day in advance, following a personalized video-invitation made by IntoApps. You can view it here. We kicked-off the day with workshops, demos, partner booths, meet-the-expert, and even an excel escape room! It was a very casual start where people could leisurely walk around and discover what Xylos Inspire…