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Working from home is becoming the norm for an increasing number of jobs. This is possible because the work environment for these jobs is no longer synonymous to a specific time and place. No matter where you are or which device you’re using, Office 365 makes sure you can do your job. The software isn’t only useful for those who like to work their own way, but also for those who work in teams. Collaborating is easier than ever. Are you interested in Office 365 tips and tricks? Head over to our blog!

Yes, we can change: What is change management?

Change can be scary. For businesses, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of digital transformation, but you can only do so if your employees embrace the changes you want to implement. Unfortunately, getting everyone on board can be quite a challenge. 

Getting started with Veeam Backup for Microsoft O365

Davy Neirynck

Do you know what Microsoft’s and your company’s responsibilities are? The Office 365 Shared Responsibility model breaks it down for you.

Office 365’s hidden gem: Microsoft Delve

Thomas Vochten

Every day, countless files are sent out between you, your colleagues and your customers. These files are usually saved in your personal OneDrive or the company’s SharePoint – or they might just stay in your mailbox. But be warned: this influx of data could grow so quickly that it becomes nearly impossible to find the information you need in a reasonable time. Luckily, Office 365 can help you find your way in this tangled web of data. Ever heard of Delve?

How do you manage external sharing in Office 365?

Thomas Vochten

E-mailing files back and forth, confusion about which version of a document is the correct one: before the cloud, collaborating with external parties could be difficult to manage. With the introduction of online services like SharePoint and OneDrive, these problems have vanished and exchanging files and information with others became easier than ever.

Customized work in the cloud? Two tips to get you started

Thomas Vochten

All companies are unique - and so are their IT infrastructures. Many companies who manage an on-premises data centre adapt their virtual servers to their specific needs and expectations. When the decision is made to move to the cloud, this may raise questions: how do we migrate our unique structure to the cloud as smoothly as possible?

How to implement Office 365?

Walter De Roeck
From project to program Office 365 is a set of software and cloud services that enhances employees’ productivity. You can choose the elements you need for your specific application. Most companies have their own unique way of using Office 365, and so every company has a different approach to implementing Office. I have observed two different trends: Some companies want to reduce complexi…

Getting started with Office 365 Delegated Administration

Koen Vermoesen
After participating in a number of Office 365 projects it gets cumbersome to manage lots of Office 365 accounts. Furthermore some people still seem to have the habit of using shared admin accounts which, in combination with password expiry, is annoying to deal with. Fortunately there is solution for that: the "Delegated Administration" feature. This feature basically allows a consultant to use his…

Make the Office 365 P1 Plan Footer Stick to the Bottom of the Page

Elio Struyf
This post shows you how to make a sticky footer for the Office 365 P1 Plan layout.

Office 365 - SharePoint 2010 Online Branding Part 1: Out of the Box

Elio Struyf
There is no difference between a SharePoint Site on Office 365 and an internally hosted SharePoint Site when it comes to out of the box branding. For out of the box branding, you can make use of the SharePoint 2010 theming engine. Microsoft offers a wide range of standard themes (there are 20 themes) and these can be adapted to your needs.