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Smooth business communication means more than just having landlines in the workplace. Nowadays, it’s important that colleagues can contact each other anytime, anywhere – at home, at work or even on the road. To help you find your way around the world of Unified Communications, where the integration of written, voice and video communication is key, our bloggers keep you up to date on the latest updates for communication platforms such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Anywhere365.

Xylos and Zoom offer a safe solution for online collaboration and conferencing

Kristof Maes

As an official Zoom partner, we at Xylos want to support you, our customer, as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you’re using Zoom’s solutions in a professional, safe way. To this end, we’ve listed some tips to make your user experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Work from home with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Kristof Maes

Working from home during the corona crisis? But do you have a hard time choosing the right collaboration tool? Zoom or Microsoft Teams: here’s a brief explanation. 

Going digital with Xylos during the corona crisis

Patrick Leysen

Now that the coronavirus chaos is complete, timing is of the essence. At Xylos, we’ve already implemented some initiatives to ensure continued smooth collaboration. Our CEO Patrick Leysen gives you a quick rundown of our three initiatives. 

Optimising collaboration during the coronavirus outbreak

Kristof Maes

How do you let your colleagues work from home without compromising on collaboration and productivity now that the coronavirus has reached Europe? Let's talk about the advantages of Zoom Online Communications.

Zoomtopia Stories Day 2: Can it get even better?

Kristof Maes

Once again, it’s going to be an exciting day at Zoomtopia. In this blog post, I’ll share the event’s key highlights with you!

Zoomtopia Stories Day 1: totally beating the expectations

Kristof Maes

This morning (Tuesday October 16), Zoomtopia 2019 officially kicked-off and it was already the opening keynote that lightened up the galaxy. Let’s take a look at the key takeaways from day one.

How to manage your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business telephony deployment?

Kristof Maes

When you build a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business telephony deployment, it can quickly become a complex architecture. Think about the different cloud application services and connectivity devices you should be thinking of. How can you keep everything in control?

Zoomtopia Stories: what to expect from Zoom’s video communications?

Kristof Maes

Zoomtopia 2019 is here! Let's give you a firsthand look at the current state of Zoom's Unified Communiations platform. 

Stop taking pictures from your classic whiteboard. Do you already know Avocor’s interactive displays?

Kristof Maes

This blog article will provide you an overview of the interactive display solutions from our partner Avocor and how they can also natively integrate with Microsoft Skype for Business & Teams or with Zoom Meetings.

Do you already know Yealink’s native voice & video solutions?

Kristof Maes

This blog article will provide you an overview of the Yealink Video solutions that integrate natively with Microsoft Skype for Business & Teams and with Zoom Meetings.