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Xylos Inspire 2018 is over. Did you enjoy the event? Let’s take a moment to look back at a day full of fresh inspiration, innovative insights and award-winning transformation projects at our Xylos Inspire Awards.

Intelligent Transformation

Today, mobile apps and the cloud create a universal workplace where users can work anytime, anywhere and on any device, and the Internet of Things opens up possibilities to invest in Innovation-as-a-Service. Briefly put: technology has become the beating heart of every company – including yours. As a result, you’re faced with a new challenge: successfully guiding your business through an Intelligent Transformation process. It’s no longer sufficient to just embrace digitisation. You need to keep a cool head in the middle of these endless digital possibilities and use this technology in a smart way. You need to make choices. Which path will you take?

Your digital mission 

Luckily, you’re not on your own. During Xylos Inspire on 18 October, our experts and colleagues, business professionals, keynote speaker Angelo Vermeulen and Learning speaker Julian Stodd presented their visions. They had one goal: developing your digital mission. “Look at your mission for the future from another perspective. Dare to experiment. Think out of the box”, Angelo Vermeulen advised. “And let your employees and colleagues be the driving force behind this change”, added Julian Stodd. Our experts and colleagues encouraged you to approach this smart change process with a Digital First mentality, which hinges on 3 core concepts: Smart Digitals, Operational Excellence and Smart Products. With this approach, you’re guaranteed to come up with an innovative solution.

Digital transformation in the spotlight

Innovation is what drives us - and our clients. And innovative thinking shouldn’t go unrewarded. That’s why we end every annual Xylos Inspire with the Xylos Inspire Awards: nine transformation projects, three categories (our core concepts: Smart Digitals, Operational Excellence and Smart Products), three awards. Your votes decided the outcome. You chose the projects you found the most inspiring. It was a neck-and-neck race, but insurance company Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, water company water-link and startup COWBOY each took home a prize basket. Congratulations! Here’s a brief overview of our winners in each category:


Implementing various IT solutions is one thing. What’s even more important is making sure your employees use the technology you’re rolling out and become - and stay - as proficient as needed. Our vision is simple: you need to turn your employees into Smart Digitals. And that’s exactly what insurance company Vanbreda did.

Their employees all use a myriad of digital applications, platforms and channels, so it’s hard to ensure that they all use these digital tools efficiently and give customers correct information about the company’s online services. Xylos’ e-learning branch NEO came to their aid and developed scenario-based e-learnings, dynamic animations, short tutorials and interactive quizzes. The result? All Vanbreda employees trained independently and at their own pace to become Digital Fit.


The digital world changes constantly. Everything that can be digitised, gets digitised. Everything that can be automated, gets automated. Not tomorrow – today. How do you maintain a healthy balance between innovation and operational efficiency in this digital revolution? To help you join the digital movement and update your business activities and processes, it’s an excellent idea for your company to invest in Operational Excellence. The water company water-link took this advice to heart and decided to implement IoT technology to prevent and detect underground leaks. Xylos subsidiary Bagaar developed sensors which gather data by carrying out measurements in underground pipes, Xylos itself built the central open cloud platform which stores all data in the central Azure SQL database.


You can’t talk about digital transformation without mentioning Smart Products. Smart services and products have become part of our daily lives and make our routine tasks easier. The founders of the startup company COWBOY shared this vision and launched the COWBOY bicycle, an affordable and smart electric bicycle for city dwellers. Their goal was to significantly decrease commuter car traffic in cities. To get their product on the market, they asked Bagaar and Productize for help. Both Internet of Things players helped to develop the first prototypes and carried out the necessary test rides until the product was completely perfected. Over 1,000 COWBOYs are on the road in our cities already.

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