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The highlights of your Xylos Inspire flight

Xylos Inspire 2019 is over. Did you enjoy your trip? Let’s take a moment to look back at the day’s guest speakers and our award-winning transformation projects: the Xylos Inspire Awards.

Inspiring stopovers: from Geert Noels to Lars Sudmann

Everything will be technology (or die). With this perspective, macroeconomist Geert Noels and his companion Siddy Jobe from financial advisor Econopolis kicked off Xylos Inspire. Europe is struggling to keep up with the technological changes – which contrasts starkly to the United States, who are excelling at it. Does that mean it’s too late for Europe to catch up? Luckily, it doesn’t. Jumping on the bandwagon late isn’t too problematic, but missing the bandwagon completely is not an option.

Blogger and learning expert Donald Clark was scheduled on our HR track. He talked about how we’re steadily growing towards an adaptive learning or personalized learning model. What makes adaptive learning so important? This new model lets you provide targeted, context-oriented learning methods, with AI as your loyal partner. AI can’t take complete control of your learning environment, but it can provide valuable support.

In the afternoon, leadership expert, TEDx talker and Sudmann & Company chairman Lars Sudmann served us a menu of innovation tips. The tip that stuck with the audience the most? The spaghetti principle: throw your idea at the wall and see what sticks, just like when you’re cooking pasta. Always keep testing, repeat your innovation concept until it’s just right and sticks nicely.

A flawless landing: the Xylos Inspire Awards

What did we learn during the Xylos Inspire flight? The sky is the limit for businesses who invest in technology, as demonstrated by the winners of the Xylos Inspire Awards.

There were nine nominees in three categories (our core values: Smart Digitals, Digital Excellence & Ultimate Workplace). Your vote decided the result. Is was a close call, but German tire manufacturer Continental (Smart Digitals), international software company OMP (Digital Excellence) and HR service group Liantis (Ultimate Workplace) finished first and flew home with a prize. Read on for an overview.

Continental celebrates Smart Digitals

In 2018, Continental decided to launch the project MO 365, Your New Work Style. With this change project, the company wanted to ease its employees into using Office 365. “When we were looking for an alternative way to introduce new IT tools, we decided to work with Xylos. With the help of their interactive workshops, their Digital Coach, and their online video platform OASE, our employees are learning to embrace the new way of working”, says Wend De Pelsmaeker, HR Manager at Continental Benelux.

Learn more about our collaboration with Continental.

OMP celebrates Digital Excellence

To help them manage their annual data growth of a staggering 40%, OMP decided to implement a new storage and backup environment. At the start of 2019, the international software company opted for solutions by Nimble and Cohesity. “They didn’t just offer proactive support, but also scalability and advanced data protection. Xylos helped us set up everything. Thanks to their help, the implementation was finished and ready to use in less than a month”, says Marc Scherens, ICT Director at OMP.

Learn more about our collaboration with OMP.

Liantis celebrates the Ultimate Workplace

About a year ago, ADMB and Zenito joined forces to become Liantis. This change had a profound impact on the company’s IT service, which had to connect over 60 offices to each other. The project was named One Network: all offices were provided with new Wi-Fi, new local networks and a new wide area network (WAN). With Xylos’ help, Liantis migrated to an overarching software network or ‘software-defined WAN’ (SD-WAN).

Learn more about our collaboration with Liantis.

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