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How do I optimise my dialogue management? 3 keys for Anywhere365

Kristof Maes

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of dialogue management. But how do you manage questions and calls efficiently? It’s not likely that a custom-made solution will randomly fall into your lap. Fortunately, we do have one for you. Let’s dive into Anywhere365 and discover the 3 keys to stellar customer service.

The Xylos ABC’s

Elise Favere

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Xylos has been awarded the title Best Workplace for the second year in a row. But what makes Xylos a Best Workplace? What makes our corporate culture special? Read our ABC’s to discover more. 

How to migrate on-premises servers to Azure using Azure Site Recovery?

Do you want to migrate your on-premises company workloads to the Azure cloud? In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use Azure Site Recovery to migrate your on-premises machines to Microsoft Azure.

How do you get started with Azure?

David Biot

You’ve decided to use public cloud resources. But how do you get started? In essence, it’s rather easy: just start with a trial account, log on to the Azure portal and deploy a virtual machine. What's next?

The 6 Azure security facts you should know

Michel Van Hoof

“How does Microsoft provide the security of my Azure infrastructure, data and applications?” In this blog, we’ll dive into 6 security insights concerning the Azure Cloud.

How to build a container

Geert Baeke

In the previous blog post, we explained how to package an application in a container. To illustrate this, we used a simple web application that recognises images, which we executed on a PC and an Azure Container Instance (ACI). In this post, we’ll delve deeper into how to build and package the application.

How do you use a container?

Geert Baeke

Virtual machines make it easier to virtualise an entire operating system (e.g. Linux), but they package applications. Containers offer an alternative that’s better suited to packaging and deploying applications, even when you’re using microservices.

A Closer Look at AI: AI Models in Practice

Geert Baeke

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. It’s nothing short of a media hype: we read, write and talk about it – and we expect a lot from it. In this blog post, we’ll give you the basics of how you can roll out and implement an AI model.

Building your Azure Virtual Datacenter: from start to finish

Elise Favere

How do you extend your on-premises datacenter to the public cloud in a secure way? It’s simple: by implementing an Azure Virtual Datacenter. How do you get started with this project? Step by step.

Yes, we can change: Change management, which steps do you take?

Change management requires a solid approach that meets the needs of your business and is beneficial to all stakeholders. In other words: every change process should be tailor-made. That’s why we develop three plans: a communication, learning and sponsorship plan.