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And the winner is…

Elise Favere

Xylos Inspire 2018 is over. Did you enjoy the event? Let’s take a moment to look back at a day full of fresh inspiration, innovative insights and award-winning transformation projects at our Xylos Inspire Awards.

Cloud Security is… getting a grip on your data outside of your organisation

Johan Celis

The public cloud is used everywhere. In almost all businesses, employees share files through cloud services, teams use apps to keep track of lists and browser plugins regulate traffic to the world outside of the company. The downside is that the IT department can’t really manage this traffic. With these tips, we’ll help you keep your data under control – locally as well as in the cloud.

Disrupt HR – the rebellious future of HR

Annelies Bertels

As an IT company, we value innovation in all its aspects. Our HR team constantly strives to be at the cutting edge of the HR business, which is why Annelies & Tanja went to DisruptHR at Wagenoord to get inspired by experts in the field of Human Resources.

Help, a disaster! How do I safeguard my business continuity?

Koen Somers

Can you get the most critical applications online again as quickly as possible? Do you have the necessary temporary solutions and high availability? We all hope we’ll never end up in this situation, but if disaster strikes, we need to be ready. Let’s elaborate.

The new workplace: Citrix’s mission in a nutshell

Kurt Callens

Offering your end users a consistent work experience anywhere, anytime and on any device is easier said than done. Luckily, our partner Citrix can teach you how to make the right decisions for your company. Without compromising on security, uniformity or productivity, of course.

Naomi goes to Australia: a rocky road

Naomi Ombelets

It’s 2006. My partner and I are off to visit friends in Australia. At that moment, we had only just moved in together and both of us had just started working. These circumstances being what they were, our budget was rather limited. Luckily, thanks to our experience with the aviation industry, we were familiar with the concept of ‘standby flights’. The total cost for a return ticket from Amsterdam to Sydney: € 185 per person. Not bad, right? But the catch is the ‘standby’ part.

Office 365’s hidden gem: Microsoft Delve

Thomas Vochten

Every day, countless files are sent out between you, your colleagues and your customers. These files are usually saved in your personal OneDrive or the company’s SharePoint – or they might just stay in your mailbox. But be warned: this influx of data could grow so quickly that it becomes nearly impossible to find the information you need in a reasonable time. Luckily, Office 365 can help you find your way in this tangled web of data. Ever heard of Delve?

Cruising with Natascha and Alexis: the wonders of Northern Europe

Natascha Vanhee

When I was in my twenties, my husband and I loved to go on cruises. During one cruise, I was pregnant with Alexis, so I ravaged every buffet on board… and believe me, there were many. Ten years ago, the kids were old enough to join us, so we booked a family cruise. They absolutely loved it, so ever since then, family cruises have become a yearly tradition.

Kristof in Las Vegas: the Microsoft Inspire diary

Kristof Maes

“We are excited to announce this new incentive to join us for a fantastic and exclusive experience. Microsoft Inspire is the event where the world meets to transform business.” Read everything about our 7-day adventure in my travel blog.

Annelies in Slovenia: frolleagues, water skiing and canyoning

Annelies Bertels

After some consideration, my husband and I decided to go on a last-minute trip to Slovenia this year. We’ve passed through the country on our way to Croatia before, and we wanted to find out what it has to offer. Green forests, mysterious mountains, emerald green rivers, waterfalls, a wine valley, lots of culture, even a tiny Mediterranean coast – it’s an ideal mix of everything.