The result of ASZ Aalst’s IT assessment: quick action leads to increased efficiency

Xylos’ FAITH assessment presents the IT infrastructure from a bird’s eye perspective.

FAITH: Xylos’ IT evaluation model for hospitals
Hospital-specific challenges, e.g. security, EPD and GDPR
Policy-oriented, objective advice

The Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis (General City Hospital) of Aalst needs a safe, modern and dependable IT environment. That’s why Xylos carried out a thorough assessment of its high-level IT infrastructure, which helped ASZ Aalst map out what could be improved. As a result, the hospital has greatly increased its efficiency with a few quick fixes. In time, ASZ Aalst will also use the insights in the report to tackle larger IT projects to respond to the needs of their modern work environment.

Increasing productivity through FAITH

When ASZ Aalst needed to implement some significant changes, they looked for a partner who could assess their IT infrastructure and processes from an unbiased perspective. Xylos had already completed similar projects with its FAITH model (Framework for Assessing IT in Hospitals); with this powerful IT evaluation tool, Xylos had given several hospitals objective advice on how to make their IT infrastructure more efficient and productive.

“FAITH allows Xylos to look at the bigger picture. It presents the situation from a bird’s-eye perspective”, says Steven Rimbaut, head doctor at ASZ Aalst. “Thanks to this model, Xylos never got lost in the details. Their audit revealed interesting insights about our organisation. Their report pointed out priorities and defined several practical improvement areas for our IT environment and policy.”

  • 10-15 days audit lead time
  • 1,943 employees at ASZ Aalst
  • 3 hospital campuses

Keeping business in mind

Xylos’ FAITH audit is a quick, general screening of the IT environment. It’s not just about the servers, storage and systems, though – it includes much more. Xylos’ specialists also look at how the hospital handles IT projects, how it sets up policy plans, how it cooperates with the medical business and who has which roles within the team. Xylos carries out these scans for businesses, but the company has also developed a specific approach for hospitals. This model has been applied numerous times to make sure everything runs smoothly. ASZ Aalst could choose multiple domains to be audited.

“Xylos’ specialists spent about 10 to 15 days with us to analyse everything and talk to people in the IT department and management”, Steven Rimbaut says. “We wanted them to audit several domains, so that we could improve our operations on a larger scale.”

Small changes, big consequences

This approach proved to be a success: “Following Xylos’ report, we were able to implement several smaller actions that significantly increased our efficiency in just a few months’ time”, Steven Rimbaut explains. “Thanks to Xylos’s external perspective, we discovered small issues we had never thought of before, but which make a significant difference. The way in which we handle projects is a good example. We’ve also tackled some issues that presented a real risk to our availability or security. All based on the advice Xylos gave us.”

These are only the first steps for ASZ Aalst. Now, the hospital needs to determine what to prioritise going forward. One thing is certain: there are plenty of IT opportunities waiting for them. “As head doctor, I’m mostly occupied with our medical services, for which an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure is of vital importance”, Steven Rimbaut concludes.

“Thanks to Xylos’s external perspective, we discovered issues we had never thought of before, but which make a significant difference.”

Steven Rimbaut, head doctor at ASZ Aalst