User Adoption plan simplifies Umicore’s switch to Office 365

The international industry group Umicore implemented one for 13,000 users in 80 locations.

Umicore moves to Microsoft Office 365 and adopts a new way of working
Xylos’s User Adoption workshops and plan help the migration run smoothly
Smooth migration thanks to Xylos’s learning platform OASE and User Adoption toolkit with learning content for each application

Have you thought about simplifying your change to Office 365 with a User Adoption plan? The international industry group Umicore implemented one for 13,000 users in 80 locations. Switching to Office 365 was a logical step for the group: Umicore’s employees work with varying schedules and on different locations, so they needed a simple way to manage content and online meetings. Before switching to Office 365, Umicore wanted to execute a user analysis and develop a solid plan to facilitate user adoption. To make Umicore’s migration a success, Xylos created a 3-step plan and a User Adoption toolkit.

Lotus flower

Soon enough, it was time to start the pre-launch phase, during which Xylos organised workshops with Van Den Bergh’s project team. In this phase, Umicore gained valuable insights about how their users work today, what they need and how the company can support them. The first workshop focused on Umicore’s vision on collaboration: what does the company want to achieve with this switch? Who’s involved? What are the project deadlines? In the next sessions, Umicore’s employees identified the relevant user types, looked at several use cases and determined the governance rules for sharing content and security. All made to measure for Umicore.

“The half- or full-day workshops were very important. Segmenting users into user groups makes it clear that you need to focus on OneNote for nomadic employees. During the workshops, Xylos used the ‘lotus flower’ technique: the workshop focuses on one main subject, to which you can link related concepts you want to elaborate. Thanks to this approach, valuable parallel ideas didn’t get lost”, Van Den Bergh says.

Umicore Heroes

As one of the last steps in the pre-launch phase, Xylos and Umicore joined forces to set up a practical framework to use during and after the migration. Van Den Bergh: “We decided to put together a network of ambassadors: our Umicore Heroes. They’re employees with profound IT expertise who have fulfilled a similar role in the past.”

  • 13,000 employees switching to Microsoft Office 365
  • 3 introducing a 3-phase plan: pre-launch, launch and post-launch
  • 5 Xylos organised 5 vision workshops to prepare for the User Adoption plan

Getting started with the User Adoption toolkit

After that, the workshops were over; it was time to develop a global User Adoption plan and an Adoption toolkit for each branch. Xylos applied the use cases to the Office 365 applications Umicore selected and developed custom learning content for every application, specifically for Umicore.

The local branches use this content to set up webinars or class trainings, depending on their local corporate culture. OASE, Xylos’s learning platform with short videos about Microsoft Office 365, is part of the toolkit.

Successful pilot phase

During the pilot phase, the IT department kicked off the actual migration project. “Our User Adoption plan already works wonders on the pilot locations. The needs analysis we executed during the workshops proved to be spot-on, which helped us build a solid toolkit. The migration on these locations is running smoothly”, Van Den Bergh says. “Of course, you need to be proactive and adjust your estimates sometimes. You can’t get around that. For example, we organised a demo about Skype, SharePoint and Outlook, but we thought it would be better to keep SharePoint separate. If we lumped it in with the rest, it would become too much for one demo. We regularly ask for feedback through surveys to follow up on this – and of course, the IT team also monitors everything closely and gets live feedback.”

Van den Bergh warmly recommends the User Adoption workshops: “I think these should be obligatory for large IT projects. We spent about two months on this project. After the last workshop, HR and IT sat down together to validate everything. This helps us to achieve our initial goals, communicate better and work together.”

“Just scheduling the migration isn’t enough. If your users don’t make optimal use of the software, your company won’t move forward. User adoption was one of the seven subprojects in our migration to Office 365.”

Marleen Van Den Bergh, Program Manager