How Shimano trains its global network of dealers

NEO rolled out a personalised and user-friendly LMS for Shimano, enabling us to reach our entire network of Shimano dealers all across Europe. Shimano service centres and independent bike manufacturers that use Shimano products are working with it on a daily basis. All aspects of the LMS have been adapted to meet the customers' needs, reflecting the top quality of their products with a custom design and enjoyable user experience. All users can decide for themselves which training courses they want to follow, but Shimano still has hold of the reins thanks to smart certification. Our solution significantly reduces unnecessary administration. Shimano keeps a full overview of all training courses and performance levels, while local managers can supervise and update them. Curious to discover more about Shimano's experience? You can find out all about it in this session.

Speaker: Cas Jansen, Online Training Officer / Project Manager, Shimano Europe