Let ‘the things’ do the work for you: IoT, from idea to practical solution

The internet of things, with sensors and connected devices, has been getting lots of attention recently. The first implementations show that it isn't just a passing hype. Over the coming years it's expected that billions of devices will be connected to the internet. For organisations, the IoT provides lots of valuable information which they can use to optimise their operations and range of services. It's possible to think of an application for every market sector in every industry. The question is: how do we turn a good idea into a practical solution?

One of ThingTank's recent projects consisted of measuring the air quality in company buildings. In this session we demonstrate how we’ve used ready-made components and sensors to come up with a measuring device and create an internet of things solution using cloud computing. We explain more about our approach, the ThingTank IoT platform, and the pitfalls you need to avoid to give your IoT project every chance of success.

Speakers: Geert Baeke, Technology Manager, ThingTank / Tim Jacobs, Cloud Architect, ThingTank