AXA makes digital working more rewarding with individual coaching and new tools

Nothing tops a digital summer series about new technologies to remind you of the basics. “Technology changes constantly, but if you don’t know the basics, you’ll have trouble keeping up”, says Thalia, Digital Learning Partner at AXA Belgium. “We’d noticed that many of our employees didn’t know much – if anything – about applications such as OneNote, and we wanted to teach them how these essential office tools could make their lives better. If you know how to use a tool, you’ll feel comfortable working with it. That’s why we contacted Xylos to organise trainings for us.”

No Deep Dive, but an introduction

We didn’t organise any Deep Dive trainings for AXA. Instead, we kept things simple: during our introductory session, we presented tips and tricks about how to use basic tools such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote and Excel efficiently. The training manager and Xylos worked together for 6 months to organise class courses and offer individual and/or digital coaching, which helped one fourth of the total staff (over 1,000 employees) increase their efficiency at work. The amount of positive feedback they received was so overwhelming that they decided to organise a new series – this time focusing on collaborating via digital tools. These sessions also covered new topics, such as Outlook Groups, SharePoint Online, Yammer and OneDrive.

1,000 employees increased their efficiency

Over the course of both training series, AXA taught over 1,000 employees how to use the cloud and how to collaborate better in Office 365. If an employee had any specific questions, they could book one of Xylos’s Digital Coaches for help. “Xylos combines inspiration and practice”, says Thalia. “They don’t just point out extra functionalities, but they also explain why certain applications would be useful in our daily work routines. Thanks to this approach, our colleagues are eager to put what they’ve learned into practice. People are using the available tools more often. We’re already considering a next phase in which we use individual coaching to assist our employees with things like time management and productivity.”


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