Bagaar et Productize team up with COWBOY to kick the smart e-bike into gear

Commuting in and around the city centre by car can be a pain. To remedy this, young entrepreneurs Adrien Rose, Karim Slaoui (founders of meal delivery service Take Eat Easy) and Tanguy Goretti (founder of car sharing service Djump) launched a start-up called COWBOY. Their goal was to develop an affordable, smart e-bike which lets you effortlessly weave your way through the city streets – and Bagaar’s and Productize’s Internet of Things experts pulled out all the stops to make the COWBOY bicycle’s release in early 2018 truly memorable.

Smart bike, smart technologies

The robust-looking COWBOY’s concept development was a challenge, to say the least. The innovative bicycle comes equipped with a connected and removable battery, a digital key, built-in lights and an app to connect the bicycle with a smartphone. This app includes a live dashboard, navigation, a GPS tracking system and statistics to transform every bicycle ride into an unparallelled experience. But integrating all of this smart technology in one bicycle frame requires a great deal of knowledge of and experience with the Internet of Things. That’s where Bagaar and Productize came in: their expertise and flexible approach were exactly what COWBOY needed.

Agile cooperation with Bagaar and Productize

Both IoT companies’ consultants stayed at COWBOY’s side during the entire concept development process. “Productize’s biggest advantages are without a doubt their flexibility and agile way of working”, Tanguy Goretti notes. The COWBOY founders also praised Antwerp-based Bagaar’s flexibility: “The constant dialogue and their experimental attitude are their biggest assets”, says Adrien Rose. Bagaar and Productize didn’t just develop the first prototypes, they also took the bikes for test rides.

Within a year, Bagaar and Productize helped COWBOY develop their e-bike prototype into a fully-fledged product. Since the product launch in April, more than 1,000 Cowboys have appeared on the road. Luckily, the town is big enough for all of them.

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