OASE encourages self-development for Proximus employees and takes pressure off IT support

When Proximus rolled out Microsoft Office 365 for most of its approximately 12,000 employees, the company realised they’d need to provide a solid framework for this change. As part of the change management track, Proximus decided to look for the most optimal training option to guarantee that its employees would start using the new tool without trouble.

OASE to the rescue

Their search soon led them to Xylos, a company they had already worked with in the past. They were intrigued by OASE, an online platform containing over 1,000 videos which explain how to use the various functionalities Office 365 has to offer.

No stress for the support department

“We firmly believe in performance support”, says Iris De Coster, who is responsible for the ICT branch of Proximus’s Corporate University. “We think the most efficient way to learn something is by learning it immediately in the environment where you’ll have to use it. That’s why we direct employees to the OASE videos when they look for Office 365 help through our enterprise social network. It takes some pressure off our support department as well – which is a relief, because they wouldn’t be able to handle thousands of colleagues flooding them with questions about Excel or OneNote.”

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