Sailsense and Productize: all hands on deck to produce a smart navigation aid

For many sailing enthusiasts, navigation at sea remains a technically difficult, complex and even dangerous part of the hobby. To make life aboard sailing boats easier and more comfortable, Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraten of start-up company Sailsense Analytics created a smart navigation aid. You read that right: thanks to Sailsense, ships are becoming smarter.

Smart ship with plug-and-play solution

Sailsense’s young entrepreneurs combined their passion for sailing and their software expertise to develop a plug-and-play solution that permanently monitors a boat’s navigation instruments. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they’ve implemented powerful self-learning algorithms which anticipate problems that may occur on pleasure boats. “Sailsense fits perfectly into the dynamic of the Internet of Things: connected objects send out data, while smart objects make decisions independently. We’re making boats connected and smart”, Nicolas and Yannick explain.

Productize takes care of hardware development

For the hardware development, the young sailing aficionados teamed up with Productize. Among other things, the Internet of Things company’s experts developed data sensors and a hub which forwards all data to the Sailsense platform. This project was full of technical as well as organisational challenges – just think of the various technologies that had to be integrated into a single solution to make sure Sailsense would work all over the world. On top of that, Productize’s team of experts had to call all hands on deck to meet the project’s tight deadlines: in just a few months, the first prototype had to be ready for testing. Thanks to their expertise and flexibility, Productize’s experts managed to work on several tasks simultaneously.

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