The BGRID platform: the ultimate solution to speed up your IoT project

It’s clear by now: sooner or later, the Internet of Things will lead to a digital transformation of your company. That’s splendid, but before this transformation can take place, you’ll need to determine which infrastructure works best for you. After all, there are several elements you need to take into account: you’ll probably want to be flexible at all times, for example. It’s also a good idea to go for the most secure option available. Ideally, the application you choose should be up and running as fast as possible.

In other words: it’s quite a challenge… Or is it?

Xylos & Bagaar at your service!

We’re happy to introduce you to our partner Bagaar, the expert accelerator for everything involving industry 4.0. Bagaar focuses entirely on proving the value of upcoming technologies for existing industries. Bagaar’s service includes a productive combination of innovation, development and product engineering. In other words: Bagaar imagines, creates, builds and develops new IoT and IIoT solutions. From scratch.

And the combination of Xylos and Bagaar? Enjoyable end-to-end support guaranteed! The collaboration of both companies provides you with a complete end-to-end approach: from the first meeting to examine how IoT could digitally transform your organisation up to building PoCs and/or solutions that are ready for production.

The BGRID platform: the best way to stay focused

BGRID is a safe, scalable, durable and quick solution to managing your IoT project. This lets you focus on what’s truly important: making smart decisions based on clear insights.

Why do our customers choose the BGRID platform?

The BGRID platform is a smart IoT accelerator that will effortlessly guide you to the new digital era. Why, do you ask?

1. It helps you save time.

This is because the solution is easy to implement. With BGRID, you’ll enjoy 1-click installation, role-based architecture and quick device connection. The entire system is incredibly user-friendly, so everyone in your organisation will be able to use it.

2. It keeps your data secure.

The BGRID solution is fully GDPR compliant. The entire system is based on the new standards for online privacy, so you can be sure your personal information is secured correctly.

3. It grows with you.

The BGRID platform is fully scalable. This cloud-based solution grows along with your evolving needs. On top of that, BGRID offers a dependable, solid framework, which is completely built with the Azure IoT Suite! Additionally, the flexible BGRID platform lets you choose from a broad set of interface components.

The four pillars of the BGRID platform

Are you ready to speed up your IoT projects? If your answer is yes, it’s a good idea to go for the BGRID IoT accelerator. We provide the best instruments on the market to make your IoT project a resounding success, from setup to management. Discover the four pillars supporting the BGRID platform here:

#1 Safety

End to end communication and data packages are safe thanks to the most stringent security standards (e.g. TLS/SSL) and coding methods. All data are protected against unauthorized access and all events and exceptions are logged. This way, you can rest easy and be sure of the best possible user privacy.

#2 Integrations

We’ll supply a RESTful API for third-party integrations. Bagaar can also provide custom integrations with third-party CRM or ERP software.

#3 Protocol

We let connected devices report their status by publishing (JSON) messages on MQTT topics.

#4 Type analytics

The collected data from sensors can be analysed intelligently and interactively. All collected data are also available for data processing systems (Stream Analytics + Azure Functions + CosmosDB).

Ready for BGRID?

If you choose to integrate BGRID in your organisation, you’ll get one of the best instruments to manage IoT projects. Need an overview of what you get when you integrate BGRID? We’ll gladly oblige! Just think of...

... saving time;
... simplification;
... an all-in-one system;
... a scalable system that grows with your needs;
... a promise of 100% satisfaction;

Want to know more about IoT, Bagaar or BGRID? Don’t hesitate to contact Xylos. We’ll gladly tell you everything you need to know about this smart solution. Already convinced? Awesome. Be sure to contact us for an introductory conversation!

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