Xylos: founding partner of Belgium’s first AI academy


To respond to the growing need for AI experts, Xylos, trusted partner Microsoft, training centre BeCode and four other founding partners (Cronos Group, Delaware, Faktion and KPMG) are opening Belgium’s first AI academy. “We’re joining forces to democratise AI”, says Ludo Wijckmans, Xylos’ CEO.

Building Belgium’s pioneering movement

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming ever more ingrained in society worldwide – including in Belgium. The increasing number of job vacancies on the market can only be filled by people with extensive knowledge on the topic. To train these people, a specialised academy where talented young people could train their AI skills was urgently needed. “We want to be on the front line of AI development in Belgium. To do this, we need creative and technically knowledgeable people who can kickstart the movement”, says Philippe De Backer, minister of Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services. The minister supports the initiative and believes that we can only fill the 16,000 IT vacancies that are currently open by being highly ambitious. And Xylos is brimming with ambition.

Xylos believes in cross-learning 

As a founding partner, Xylos will do its utmost to invest in the initiative. “Xylos’ learning branch is actively engaged in setting up the new academy. We’ll have a cross-learning programme in which students learn theory and gain practical experience which will help them in their future jobs. We want to give talented IT aficionados the opportunity to develop their skills in this growing industry quickly and efficiently”, Ludo Wijckmans explains.

Ludo is convinced that through cross-learning, Xylos can offer additional value to the training 500 students will follow every year. After a 7-month hands-on training, they’ll be eligible for a 3-month internship at Xylos. “With us, AI is part of a bigger picture, because our consultants handle each project with an end-to-end approach. This means the AI students become familiar with every single aspect of AI solutions, from pure hardware to end user support”, Ludo concludes.

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