Application procedure

It is important to us that you can immediately recognise yourself in our values and that you can connect to what we consider important. Add to that the genuine feeling of satisfaction you will get from our focus on technology.

At Xylos we have raised the bar. Does this mean we are looking for a very rare commodity? Perhaps a little. In any case, we appreciate diversity and consider everyone to be unique, which means we have room for everyone.

Because it is so important to us that we actually ‘click’, a successful application procedure at Xylos always includes a number of interviews:

Step 1: Find the match

We firmly believe in ‘hire for attitude, train for skills’, which is why the HR interview focuses on your personality, motivation and the match between your own and the company’s values and expectations.

Step 2: Check potential

This is where you talk to the hiring manager (and possibly an expert in your field as well). We’ll discuss the job description, what we expect from you and how we can help you grow. Potential takes centre stage here.

Step 3: Contract proposal

If every aspect ‘clicks’, we’ll propose a contract. Your future manager and an HR employee are involved in this process to give you a complete and clear image of our offer.