Unified Workplace

Managing a decentralised environment from a central location? Unified Workplace.

The boundaries between working on the internal corporate network and working anywhere are fading – in some instances, they’re even disappearing completely. Nowadays, employees expect a decentralised environment that lets them work anywhere, anytime, on any device – without compromising their safety, productivity and uniformity, of course. That’s why Xylos developed a ‘universal workplace’: an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that offers a solution to your increasing need for mobility and flexibility.

A changing, digital world

The world is becoming more digital and changing rapidly. The need for new work methods, a new corporate culture and new tools increases every day. Want to know more?

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A complete solution starts with the end user

Transitioning to a productive cloud environment? Start with the end user, not the workplace. What do your end users need and how do we make sure they can collaborate with colleagues efficiently and safely? Enter the digital world. 

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Unified user experience: the same user experience, wherever you are.

A unified workplace is a consistent workplace which meets the highest productivity and efficiency demands. How do you achieve this? By making sure the new virtual workplace always looks the same. Application uniformity is a requirement, regardless of the device you’re working on. Discover the three principles on which Xylos’s unified workplace is built.

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Outlook offers more possibilities to increase the efficiency of your workplace thanks to its extensive integration with other applications.

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: the complete solution

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is the realisation of modern IT management. This complete solution lets you make your company data available to your users via different devices in a secure, reliable and uniform way. Read more here!

EMS: the answer to all new challenges