A unified workplace that combines user-friendliness with safety

The ideal work environment is one where you can work from ‘any-any-any’ – and it’s an environment Xylos firmly believes in: we think exchanging information should be easy. Companies should enable their employees to work with their colleagues and customers as flexibly and seamlessly as possible. The system should be intuitive to work with. The user experience should be uniform at all times. Check! But the real question is: “Is it safe?

The universal workplace: controlled, decentralised and secure

Of course, safety is always a top priority for Xylos. Our solutions offer the most complete form of security: thanks to decennia of experience, we know our products and platforms inside and out. We work with several control systems and data safety nets, so you can be sure your sensitive data is protected to the most stringent security standards. In other words: with our universal workplace, you’ll get the best combination of flexibility and security!

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