The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite page: the ultimate solution for your unified workplace

As an employer, how do you make your workplace as unified as possible? For example, how do you keep the applications you’re offering secure and uniform? 

Enter our Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite – the ultimate solution for your business. EMS is a complete package that offers a safe and trusted way to make your company data available to your users on various devices.

Xylos and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite? The key to success!

Our mission? We use EMS as a practical, complete solution to achieve your business goals. Our focus? Your end users. We always look for the most efficient way to get every employee involved productively and to support them during the entire process. 

A complete solution based on three pillars

The three pillars of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite are combined into an elaborate solution for all your needs.

1. Hybrid Identity

Azure AD condenses countless login details into one unique identity – and that’s just one of its features. It also includes Multifactor Authentication and Single Sign-on, for example: these options allow you to increase the security of your identity even more.

2. Device and application management

With Intune, managers don’t only manage mobile devices, but PCs and laptops as well. Intune’s conditional connection guarantees that only safe devices can access Exchange and OneDrive. In other words: we’re offering you a highly secure way to send applications to all devices. Additionally, you could opt for a selective wipe: a way to create a clear distinction between personal and corporate data.

3. Data encryption

Even if any sensitive documents should escape the manager’s watchful eye, there’s no need to panic. Microsoft offers Azure Rights Management: an extra safety net that helps you easily encrypt all your data. And don’t worry about compatibility: Azure Rights Management is compatible with other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Windows Server. 

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