The unified user experience: the same user experience, wherever you are.

When we talk about a unified workplace, we mean a consistent workplace that doesn’t only meet the increasing demand for mobility and flexibility, but also the most stringent productivity and efficiency standards. To achieve this, it’s important that the new virtual workplace always looks the same. Application uniformity is a requirement, regardless of the device you’re working on.

Discover the three principles on which Xylos’s unified workplace is built.

Desktop delivery: one system, countless workplaces

Desktop delivery guarantees a consistent user experience. We teach the end users one system and one intuitive flow, which is used on all devices. In other words: we deliver a consistent (virtual) workplace which is independent of device, time and place.

Flexible work style: durable and flexible work tailored to your business

A flexible work style hinges on its context. We’ll analyse every situation independently and offer the most ideal solution based on this. The introduction of flexible work methods also calls for flexible solutions – but don’t worry: we’ll imagine every possible scenario and offer you the most fitting solution for your business. With maximum attention to the unified user experience, of course. That’s a given. 

Mobile: the ultimate device for the modern employee

With the introduction of mobile devices comes a host of challenges regarding safety, reliability, accessibility and user experience uniformity. Our universal workplace has an answer for all of these concerns - and it guarantees a safe mobile working environment with a uniform user experience. 

Ready for the  Xylos Unified User Experience?

Can’t wait to get started with your own unified workplace based on the three principles mentioned above? Let us know - we’ll gladly visit you to develop a tailor-made solution for your company. See you soon!