AppToDate: a new method for internal communications

Involving employees in your organisation, allowing them to actively participate and share experiences, can sometimes be a challenge. Generation Z is no longer a fan of email, for example, which makes internal communications more difficult. How do you ensure your employees are fully on board? How do you avoid overloading them with emails, links and intranet references? With AppToDate we've developed a great app which enables you to send relevant mobile information, organise quizzes and run other polls quickly and easily. You can for example help new employees be perfectly prepared for their actual start: counting down every day with a new message or piece of information. Where they have to be, who with, and why. AppToDate is a new tool for onboarding, retention or even change management. This interactive breakout session helps you discover new HR tools with example from recent projects. HR is fully up-to-date with the latest technology!

Speaker: Peter Coppens, Business Unit Manager, IntoApps