Etex Group dismantles data centre and moves to the cloud

Etex Group is a company specialised in roofing, facade cladding and fireproofing buildings. At the end of June, they moved their headquarters from Kapelle-op-den-Bos to Zaventem, and by the end of this year, the old building and the still operational data centre will be demolished. Four Xylos employees and as many Etex Group IT employees are currently moving the data centre to the cloud.

Standardisation for 95 companies

To do this, Etex opted for Microsoft Azure. The group will migrate about 150 Citrix servers and 50 TB of data. Over 7,500 people rely on these servers and data to do their jobs. “Our migration to the cloud means we’re standardising ICT for the 95 businesses in our group, which are spread across 42 countries. This step helps us to support the growth of our group flexibly and develop ideas into projects quickly thanks to AI, IoT and Big Data. Another advantage is the transparency of the costs”, says David Smet, Workplace & Cloud Manager at Etex Group. Choosing Xylos was a conscious decision for him: “For Xylos, you’re not just a number. We tackled the project together, which ensured a smooth transition. The first 250 test users who were migrated to the cloud didn’t even notice the change.”


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