Vanbreda employees Digital Fit thanks to online training

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits’ employees use a host of digital applications, platforms and channels to simplify their daily work routine. Their clients also have access to useful online services for processes such as filing damage claims or medical costs or offering their employees digital insurance.

Digital Fit with Neo Learning

It’s a challenge to ensure that employees use these digital tools efficiently and that they give customers correct information about the online services. Vanbreda found the solution with Neo, Xylos’s e-learning branch. They worked closely with Vanbreda’s experts to develop the Digital Fit project, an innovative e-learning programme for Smart Digitals. Employees use it to follow short, targeted trainings about various topics, such as how to manage business information safely, GDPR and social media. The online services for clients are discussed extensively as well. To top it off, all employees get access to Xylos’s digital knowledge platform OASE, which is filled with useful tips and tricks to learn all about Windows and Microsoft Office.

Digital knowledge on the rise

“The combination of scenario-based e-learning, dynamic animations, short tutorials and interactive quizzes lets employees get acquainted with the complete range at their own pace”, says HR Director Els Van Hoeck. These digital learning methods are in line with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits’s aim to improve their employees’ digital knowledge at work. Since the e-learning programme is offered on a Totara platform, employees always have access to the information they need. Whenever they want to refresh their memory, they can just log in to the portal.

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