Water-link builds new data centre and moves to IoT

Water-link was the first Belgian water company to use Internet of Things technology to prevent and detect underground leaks. Cost reduction, customer service and ecology are the keywords in this IoT story.

Underground sensors

Xylos subsidiary Bagaar developed sensors which register measurements in underground pipes. Xylos built the central open cloud platform which collects all data from these sensors in real time, processes it, converts it to the right format and stores it in the central Azure SQL database. After this, water-link users can visualise the data with Microsoft Power BI. This way, water-link is able to quickly detect and repair water leaks.

Crucial infrastructure in new data centre

But that’s not all: simultaneously with the IoT project, Xylos moved water-link’s internal data centre to a more secure and fitting location. The SAP HANA-based ERP environment now runs on new HPE infrastructure. This system is essential to monitor the tens of thousands of customers and the endless stream of invoices and meter readings. Xylos developed and installed the redundantly executed data centre within a murderously tight deadline while remaining the point of contact for support concerning hardware and software.

In the near future, water-link will also start implementing smart meters with their customers, so that meter readings are automatically and correctly forwarded to the ERP system and the billing process happens more efficiently.

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