Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud: Enjoy flexibility and versatility. Always. Anywhere.

Data is everywhere – and it keeps growing: we collect an increasing amount of it every day. Its possibilities and power are overwhelming – if you use it correctly, at least. But how? It’s simple: by implementing and using the Intelligent Cloud correctly. This intelligent solution continuously adapts itself to your needs, enabling you to work fully independently.


Xylos: the ultimate Intelligent Cloud partner

Do the concepts ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ ring a bell? Together with our colleagues at Bagaar, we implement smart products and services to boost your digital transformation process.

Need an intelligent chatbot? We’ll integrate this interactive digital assistant in your back-end, taking your existing applications into account. Looking for ways to increase your productivity? We’ll take it up a notch by transforming your business with the help of an Internet of Things or Connected Factory project. Want to have Xylos perform a data analysis? We’ll gladly do it for you. This way, we can help you predict future developments.

The principles of Xylos’s innovation plans

Each new innovation plan is based on our fundamental principles, such as source control, serverless computing and infrastructure-as-code. We also use Agile practices when developing.

You can count on us for consultancy on the following common Operational Excellence subjects

  1. DevOps on Windows, Linux, and Azure platforms.
  2. Azure architecture for IaaS and PaaS implementations.
  3. Application Modernisation: A support plan in which you learn how to get the most out of the cloud - and deliver development projects quicker.

Emerging technologies: Watch these top developments

Intelligent chatbots

Looking for an interactive and productive way to interact with your end users? Click here to discover more about chatbots and our chatbot approach. 

Internet of Things & Connected Factory

If you need expertise on Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Edge, Xylos is there for you. Want to know more about the Connected Factory concept? Read all about it here. Curious about the Xylos data platform? Go here!

Data Analytics

Our Internet of Things and Connected Factory projects help you make your data accessible by moving it to the cloud. And with Data Analytics, we’ll help you draw the right conclusions and predictions from this data. Want to know more about our vision on Self-Service Business Intelligence? Visit this page!

Operational Excellence: Consistent and reliable delivery

Azure Expertise Application Innovation

All of Xylos’s Azure consultants have expert knowledge of the Azure IaaS and PaaS platforms. They know everything there is to know about concepts like the Azure Virtual Datacenter. Discover our offer here!


Nowadays, many developers use Agile principles to roll out the newest versions of their applications (more) quickly. We help businesses transform so that their IT operations can keep up with this evolution. The location doesn’t matter: it can be on-premises or in Azure.

Ready to get the most out of your data?

Do you want to harness the power and possibilities of your data to transform your business into a well-oiled digital machine? Don’t hesitate to contact Xylos - we’re here to support you from A to Z!

Yes! I’m ready for digital innovation!