Which SharePoint version are you using?

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At the start of a training, we usually ask the participants which version of SharePoint they’re using. And the answer is often: “I don’t know”.

That’s not surprising, because SharePoint doesn’t have a version button or an ‘About’ section where you can find this information.  Still, it can be helpful to know which software version you’re working with – when you’re following a SharePoint training, for example 😊.

Work smarter in Microsoft Teams with / and @

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Slash commands in Teams’ search bar are general shortcuts that help you look up information in Teams efficiently. @ commands are just as helpful as slash commands. You can start chatting with someone just by typing ‘@’ and selecting a name from the list of suggestions.

PowerPoint: From screenshot to screen video

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PowerPoint has a different version of the Screenshot feature. It’s called Screen Recording and it’s also located on the Insert tab, under the Media group to the right. The icon shows a video camera instead of a photo camera, indicating that you can use it to capture a video instead of an image.

Microsoft Teams: Nathan’s top 5 interesting facts

Discover the 5 interesting facts I have selected especially for you.

5 reasons to use Microsoft To Do

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To-do lists have become a vital part of our daily lives. There are countless things we need to keep track of: social activities, work, household chores, administration... How could a list make it easier to remember everything? Well, just try Microsoft To Do.

Excel: How to use cell names to block a cell in a formula

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As an Excel user, you undoubtedly know that you can use the $ sign to block a row or column in a formula. This creates an ‘absolute address’. Excel offers another method to block a cell or a cell range: by naming the cell(s).

My 5 steps to create a great PowerPoint presentation

As a Learning Consultant, I give presentations often, so I have a lot of tips and tricks to share. Here are my 5 steps to create a great PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Teams: How do you create a private channel?

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Maybe you know that a channel in Microsoft Teams is a place where all conversations and files about a certain subject or theme are collected. All members of the Team can view this information. If you need to discuss confidential topics with just a few members, such as budgets or reorganisations, you can create a private channel to shield this information from all other Team members. 

Excel: How to name one or more cells

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Every Excel cell has its own address: a letter that identifies the column and a number that indicates the row. Did you know that you can rename a cell? Discover how naming cells in Excel can help you in this blog post.

Excel: Format dates with the TEXT function

Pieter Bollen

In this blog post, I’ll let you in on a date formatting trick. I’m not talking about date formatting through Format Cells, but about the date format you enter manually when using the TEXT function. 

Virtual workshops Office 365

Are you exploring Office 365 and do you have any questions about the software that need answering? Book one of our virtual workshops today. We’ll help you and your co-workers get up and running with Teams, Power BI, Power Automate, Project Online Professional, and other tools.

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Online Coaching: you’ve got questions, our expert has the answers!

Do you have urgent questions about Excel, Project, Power BI or Adobe?  Our Office experts will gladly help you through online coaching!

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