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Power BI - Optimising memory: how to merge tables

Johan Vermeire

In this blog series, we’ll explore some easy ways to reduce the size of a Power BI model. This blog post teaches you about merging tables.

Power BI - Optimising memory: how to split columns

Johan Vermeire

In this blog series, we’ll explore some easy ways to reduce the size of a Power BI model. This blog posts teaches you how to split columns.

Power BI - How to optimise your memory: removing unneeded fields

Johan Vermeire

In this blog series, we’ll explore some easy ways to reduce the size of a Power BI model. In this blog post I will tell you why you should remove some fields.

Power BI - Optimising memory: date tables

Johan Vermeire

In our previous blog post, we explained how we can use VertiPaq Analyzer to analyse the amount of memory our model needs.  This memory is also linked to the speed with which the model calculates and refreshes data. In this blog series, we’ll discuss several ways to limit this memory usage.

Power BI – Check a model’s memory usage with VertiPaq Analyzer

Johan Vermeire

One of the things you could do to refresh your data quicker and speed up calculations is resizing the data model. But how do you even figure out the current size of your data model? Is it the same as its file size?  

UserVoice: Take part in decisions about your favourite Microsoft application(s)

Johan Vermeire

In the past, a new version of Microsoft Office was released every few years. Office 365 is different: it only has one version, which is updated regularly. Whenever a new Office version came out, we – as trainers – were curious to see the new functionalities Microsoft had integrated into the software. It made us wonder: “What will Microsoft come up with next time?” Well, they’ve still got plenty of inspiration!

Microsoft ZoomIt: more than simply zooming in

Johan Vermeire

As a trainer, you’re not always in full control of your training environment. Sometimes, the quality of the only available beamer is so abominable that your participants can hardly read what’s on the screen. Or maybe the sun is shining in...

Quickly find cell names and table names in Excel

Johan Vermeire

Sometimes a small tip can make a world of difference. The tip in this post is one of those. If you use Excel regularly, you will probably create tables from time to time. And, if you often enter functions, you probably make your formulas more readable by using cell names. If, several months later, you need to make any changes to the workbook, you might not remember the exact name of the cell or table, or...

Quickly find the correct table or query in Access

Johan Vermeire
Since Access 2007, the database navigation window has been replaced by the navigation pane. I hear a lot of students complaining about this navigation pane because you see only a limited number of items. Although I can't deny that, personally, I like this navigation pane a lot more than the old database window for the following reasons...

A PivotTable based on multiple tables? Why not!

Johan Vermeire
Anyone who works with Excel is familiar with the situation where you have various tables and want to use the data out of all of them. Most Excel users think that a PivotTable is always based on a single table. But in Excel it is really easy to create a PivotTable using data from more than one table. In this blog post I will describe the various steps you need to take. A PivotTable based on two ta…

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